Sex and the City – Samantha and the Hormones

In the current episode of SATC, Samantha Jones is rejuvenating herself with bioidentical hormones, which she takes at breakfast in the form of many colorful pills or applies as crèmes. “I’m 52, and when you’re 50, I’ll look like I’m 35,” she says to motivate her friends Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte. On a trip to Abu Dhabi, however, her hormone preparations get confiscated by customs as “drugs”, despite her insistence that they are merely “bioidentical and extracted from yams.”

Suddenly deprived of her hormonal fountain of youth, and in spite of the seductive, athletic men at the hotel pool, she soon suffers from no longer having any real desire for sex. And to top things off, when faced with imprisonment for kissing on the beach, she and her friends flee on the next flight back to the USA, “the land of freedom and hormones,” where thanks to melatonin, testosterone, etc., she can truly experience pleasure with her man from Abu Dhabi without any adverse physical or legal consequences.

Starting at around 40 years old, or even younger when under severe work-related stress, a bioidentical hormone regimen is highly recommended, as it can prevent many aging-induced limitations. Unlike in the past when doctors used to prescribe only synthetic sex hormones, which had certain side effects, with Hormonal Regeneration® each deficient hormone is supplemented with bioidentical hormones, thus duplicating the hormone level of a young person. The overworked endocrine glands can thus cut back their own production and recover. The improvement of mental state and increase in performance thus achieved take effect very quickly, within a few weeks. A sustainable result with visible physical rejuvenation, however, requires several months of continuous optimum treatment by a specialist.

At any rate, Samantha would be well-advised to have her next treatment adjustment done in our Clinic DDr. Heinrich® here in Vienna. Then she wouldn’t have to keep taking a whole handful of colorful pills at breakfast: Thanks to my research, there is now a bioidentical hormone combination preparation in which the daily dose of the most important bioidentical hormones are contained in a single capsule: Instant Chi by Clinic DDr. Heinrich®. Samantha would need to take this capsule once a day five times a week. More intensive Hormonal Regeneration® therapies also require routine injections. Moreover, we would give Samantha a doctor’s certificate for customs. Hence the next time she goes away on vacation, she’ll be able to get her hormone preparations through customs, as obviously it is important not to miss any doses when one is on a Hormonal Regeneration® regimen.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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  • I find it very interesting that a mainstream movie like SATC mentions bioidenticals, it just goes to show you how far this treatment has gone. I have found a doctor myself in California Dr. Center who has helped me get my blood and saliva tests and get the process started.


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