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Aesthetic Surgery and Regenerative Medicine in Vienna

Dear Prospect, Founded in 1994 in Vienna by DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich, the Clinic DDr. Heinrich® now enjoys a worldwide reputation for gentle treatments for improving, rejuvenating, and regenerating the body. Treatments we offer: Breast augmentation with autologous fat and stem cells Body forming with manual microcannular liposuction (liposculpture) Facial rejuvenation and wrinkle treatment with autologous fat (lipofilling) […]

The expensive business of eternal youth

The decisive factor in maintaining vitality, performance, and youthfulness right up to old age is the ability for the hormone glands to consistently produce the body’s hormones in the right quantities. However, hormone production requires a high level of energy and the body often starts already at the age of 30 years to “save” in […]

Effective Anti-Aging with bioidentical hormones

Almost all anti-aging experts agree that what is crucial to remaining vital, strong and youthful well into old age is that all the endocrine glands of the body produce hormones in the right amount. While we in Austria and Germany are still discussing whether one could therefore justify a certain age-hormone substitution, the debate at […]

Sex and Berlusconi…

During a recent presentation, a very well-known politician in Austria asked me if I would perform the same kind of rejuvenations that Italian prime minister Berlusconi and the entrepreneur Stronach had evidently undergone. Whether Hormonal Regeneration® could make you feel and look like a 30-year old again. Among other things, Mr. Berlusconi is remarkable because […]

Overweight Germans: Study ignores hormones as cause

It may be perfectly right that in the “Nutrition Survey” excess weight is associated with the educational background. However, a major cause has been ignored: Hormonal imbalances. If a person is overweight, in most cases too much or too little of individual hormones is produced. Although the original cause for this imbalance can often be […]

Sex and the City – Samantha and the Hormones

In the current episode of SATC, Samantha Jones is rejuvenating herself with bioidentical hormones, which she takes at breakfast in the form of many colorful pills or applies as crèmes. “I’m 52, and when you’re 50, I’ll look like I’m 35,” she says to motivate her friends Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte. On a trip to […]

Testosterone hormone therapy for men

Whether men should be given testosterone after a certain age or whether doing so would be considered as malpractice is still a hotly debated issue among medical specialists in Austria. At leading professional conferences in other countries, however, the discussion tends to focus more on “when to start” and what the dose should be when […]

Instant Chi® – Anti-aging and burnout protection in a box?

As every reader of my blog knows, I have been working for a long time with Hormonal Regeneration® and hence I know how effective an individualized holistic treatment with bioidentical hormones can be in most cases. The effect of this individualized therapy, in which the levels of all hormones are raised to the optimum values […]

Joint damage through overweight and what can be done about it today

Current investigations suggest that the joints of overweight people are not just damaged by excessive kilos. According to the studies, wear on the joint cartilage in hip and knee joints is also furthered by the hormones secreted by the fat tissue – leptin and resistin play a particular role here. The high frequency of joint […]

Hormonal balance as the basis for anti-aging

The positive effect of proper eating, brain jogging and fasting is undisputed and should be adhered to for a lifetime in one individual form or another! The decisive factor for remaining fit, productive and youthful up to a ripe old age is that all the body’s hormone glands produce the right amounts of hormones. However, […]