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Aesthetic Surgery and Regenerative Medicine in Vienna

Dear Prospect, Founded in 1994 in Vienna by DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich, the Clinic DDr. Heinrich® now enjoys a worldwide reputation for gentle treatments for improving, rejuvenating, and regenerating the body. Treatments we offer: Breast augmentation with autologous fat and stem cells Body forming with manual microcannular liposuction (liposculpture) Facial rejuvenation and wrinkle treatment with autologous fat (lipofilling) […]

New website and relocation of this blog

Dear Prospect, DDr. Heinrich’s blog about New Aesthetic Surgery developed into a valuable information source about innovative and gentle treatments in the area of aesthetic surgery and regenerative medicine. In the course of redesigning our website this blog has been integrated into the new website and can now be found at Best regards, Team Clinic […]

Sir Sean Connery would rather be 40 than 80…

What 80-year-old would rather not look like a 40-year-old and play just as vital a part in life? This is true too for the “Sexiest Man Alive”, Sean Connery, who recently celebrated his 80th birthday. In the legendary Golden Age, people reputedly looked youthful until well into old age and remained as vital as 40-year-olds. […]

Aesthetic surgery belongs to all medical fields!

On a routine basis, representatives of a particular surgical group that was created 20 years or so ago insist that only they should be allowed to perform aesthetic surgery. It is understandable that these doctors would like less competition when it comes to performing liposuctions, facelifts, and breast augmentations. But the decisive factor herein must […]

An alternative to silicone, scalpels, and plastic – the case for a New Aesthetic Surgery

As an aesthetic surgeon and anti-aging doctor in the general practice branch, for some time I have been critical of the repugnantly unnatural results that an unbridled zeal for plastic surgery is leaving behind on an increasing number of increasingly younger patients worldwide! In some respects aesthetic surgery is in disorder, there’s no doubt about […]

Why calorie restriction may cause aging

The all too familiar theory that one can live longer through calorie restriction is often touted by the media as the only scientifically-based way to increase one’s lifespan. The main proponent and the one who came up with this theory, Roy Walford, died in 2004 at the age of 79, although he had expected to […]

Silicone “careers” and the consequences

I was recently consulted by a patient whose breasts were worn and stretched out of shape after several implants, and she was suffering as a result. As by their very nature the implants covered very few soft parts and their weight had caused her breasts to stretch more and more, increasingly larger implants were needed […]

Quality of the consultation with cosmetic surgeons

A consumer test on “Consultation with Cosmetic Surgeons” met once again with a response from the media. Although we were not part of this test, here are a few of my thoughts: Amongst other things in the test, long waiting times for patients in the waiting rooms of various cosmetic surgeons were criticized. Waiting times […]

Clooney on the run from silicone breasts

Even if you feel sorry for Mr. Clooney’s girlfriend – both as a man and an aesthetic surgeon I can understand him. There is hardly anything less erotic than bulging silicone breasts! It is therefore indeed time for patients all over the world – as could be read recently in Profil – to have the […]

Botox in Egyptian mummies?

Egypt has always fascinated me. I recently looked through an impressive report on excavations in ancient Tanis. It was here – which remained largely unnoticed – that the untouched tombs of the Pharaohs Psusennes and Shishak were discovered. Here I also had the opportunity of looking at photos of several mummies from this later era […]