Courtney Love’s Stem Cell Facelift

Currently, the media reports about the U.S. singer Courtney Love (46) whose face suddenly appeared to be about 10 years younger. It is rumored that she has undergone a stem cell facelift, which uses the body’s own stem cells obtained from autologous fat. While the surveyed surgeons in the United States are just making their first steps utilizing stem cell technology for this application, we in our Clinic DDr. Heinrich® have for more than three years been successfully performing to a broad public facelifts without scalpels and breast augmentations using stem cell enriched autologous fat.

For some years now, research has been carried out concerning the biological potential of viable cells such as stem cells and progenitor cells, which are included in each person’s own fat. Based on these findings, we decided early in 2007 to start performing treatments utilizing the body’s own stem cells. The positive results for facelifts and breast augmentations utilizing stem cells has confirmed our beliefs that stem cells rejuvenate the tissue into which they are injected and stem cell enriched autologous fat forms natural living tissue, the majority of which is retained for a long period.

Conventional treatments using the patient’s own fat sucked off from one body part and then injected “untreated” into the face, have been around for decades. However, occasional boosters are necessary because over time much of this fat is broken down again by the body. It also lacks the spectacular rejuvenating effect obtained via stem cell treatments. Surgical facelifts with a scalpel or injections of Botox and hyaluronic acid, which some doctors use for facial “rejuvenation” often lead to unnatural looking results, as well as having a number of other disadvantages. In contrast, the stem cell facelift is convincing by its natural character and durability of the result, as well as by the local rejuvenating effect.

Of crucial importance for the success of interventions utilizing autologous stem cells is the experience in dealing with the collection of autologous fat, its preparation and its implantation in to the treatment region. Over the years, I and my team were able to refine existing treatment techniques to optimize the results and patient tolerance. More and more patients like Courtney Love now benefit from this treatment. In the Clinic DDr. Heinrich®, patients are not only in very experienced and competent hands, but they can also combine the treatment with a stay in beautiful Vienna. That’s really wonderful – what do you think about that idea?

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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Effective Anti-Aging with bioidentical hormones

Almost all anti-aging experts agree that what is crucial to remaining vital, strong and youthful well into old age is that all the endocrine glands of the body produce hormones in the right amount. While we in Austria and Germany are still discussing whether one could therefore justify a certain age-hormone substitution, the debate at leading scientific anti-aging conferences in U.S. and Asia is no longer about “if” but only about “starting when” and “in what doses”. What is essential, however, is that the hormones used must be “bioidentical”. Unfortunately, in post-menopausal therapy it was not bioidentical hormones that were normally used but rather artificial hormones similar to drugs, whose side effects have in the meanwhile been proven in large-scale studies. So when one also speaks of the “increased risk of breast cancer”, one must stress that this is increased when artificial pseudo-oestrogens are administered in high monotherapy doses, which goes against the physiology of the human body.

An effective anti-aging treatment always begins with a comprehensive analysis of all relevant hormones, determination of hormone deficiencies and subsequent therapy with bioidentical hormones that are as natural as possible – of course, with growth hormone as well, if that is deficient. Contrary to the scientifically outdated opinion that is often bandied about, HGH does not promote cancer, but on the contrary protects against it, if properly applied. Hormonal balance in particular must be taken into account; everything, even weight loss, is easier if the hormones are in balance with each other. Our patients feel and look impressively younger by up to 15 years when they are treated with bioidentical hormones. And what is pleasing – many of the other anti-aging measures, which consist mainly of self-castigation, are therefore completely dispensed with!

Together with the cutting-edge field of anti-aging and cosmetic medicine and the body’s own stem cells, which are obtained by means of special procedures using suction-assisted extraction of autologous fat, bioidentical hormones make up an important pillar of the “New Aesthetic Surgery” that enables impressive aesthetic treatments: from rejuvenation and tightening of the face and eyelids, which dispense with face lifts and eyelid surgery, to body forming and even breast augmentation without silicone!

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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Sir Sean Connery would rather be 40 than 80…

What 80-year-old would rather not look like a 40-year-old and play just as vital a part in life? This is true too for the “Sexiest Man Alive”, Sean Connery, who recently celebrated his 80th birthday.

In the legendary Golden Age, people reputedly looked youthful until well into old age and remained as vital as 40-year-olds. Some researchers believe memories of the Palaeolithic underlie the legend of the golden age, as advancements in hunting technology allowed people easy access to good quality food in otherwise relatively peaceful and pleasant living conditions.

Now that the golden age is long gone (probably around 10,000 years ago), man must earn his bread by the sweat of his brow, some a little more easily, most a lot harder than Sir Sean Connery. But now we have reason to rejoice: New medical technologies could reopen access for us to the Golden Age. The body’s own stem cells and Hormonal Regeneration with bioidentical hormones are the magic keys, which may turn an 80-year-old in the future back into a 40-year-old, at least regarding biological age!

We can already perform not only breast augmentation with stem cells, but also fully fledged rejuvenation of facial skin and tissue in our Vienna clinic! And the best thing: as a starting point we need just a little of the body’s own fat, which we extract using microcannular liposuction… A few steps on the road back to paradise – what do you think?

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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Breast augmentation with autologous stem cells for slender women

I am regularly receiving mails from slender patients that are interested in CAL (stem cell-assisted lipotransfer) for breast augmentation. Often these patients were told that they were not suitable for CAL, like the one in this mail:

Hello DDr. Heinrich,

I’m living in Italy and I’m told the stem cell method for breast augmentation is not suitable for me. I’m 164 cm/55 kg.

If I send you my picture, could you give me your opinion? I am very much interested in the CAL operation!


Our answer:

Yes, kindly send photos of breasts, thighs, and buttocks. In slender women the fat harvesting for CAL (Cell-Assisted Lipotransfer) needs imperatively to be done exclusively with microcannulas (1 to 2.5 mm diameter) as harvesting with standard cannulas (3 to 6 mm diameter) does not yield enough fat in these women. We are regularly being contacted by patients having been told that they had not enough fat for CAL. In most of them harvesting with microcannulas is the solution, as fat harvesting can smoothly be performed also in areas too sensible for fat harvesting with standard cannulas.

It is very important to understand that smooth harvesting of sufficient amounts of fat for breast augmentation with CAL is best performed with microcannulas. These microcannulas allow for fat harvesting in areas too sensible for the usage of standard cannulas and provide an excellent, even, and scar-free cosmetic result.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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Aesthetic surgery belongs to all medical fields!

On a routine basis, representatives of a particular surgical group that was created 20 years or so ago insist that only they should be allowed to perform aesthetic surgery.

It is understandable that these doctors would like less competition when it comes to performing liposuctions, facelifts, and breast augmentations. But the decisive factor herein must always be the patient’s interest in receiving optimum care. This means that aesthetic surgery must continue to receive impetus for improvement and new developments from all medical fields. Aesthetic surgery belongs to all medical fields entitled to perform it!

Aesthetic surgery procedures cannot be taught in any medical hospital internship, as teaching hospitals obviously address very different types of medical cases. Hence doctors from all medical fields wishing to specialize in aesthetic surgery must complete private advanced training courses abroad. How well a doctor then performs a special procedure depends solely on talent and practice, no matter what professional group the doctor belongs to!

Having said that, it would be very detrimental to the development of aesthetic surgery if the practice thereof were limited to representatives of a single surgical group.

The crux of the development in aesthetic surgery lies in the replacement of invasive reconstructive interventions with scalpels, scars, and anesthesia by gentle, minimally invasive interventions, preferably with no permanent scars. It comes as no surprise that trends toward less surgery often come from doctors who aren’t surgeons in the strictest sense, but general practitioners, dermatologists, even internal medicine specialists and endocrinologists specializing in aesthetic surgery. This interdisciplinary cross-section is essential to the advancement of our methods and hence in the patient’s best interests!

We owe this interdisciplinary cross-section to the gentle methods of New Aesthetic Surgery: Breast augmentation with stem cells, Hormonal Regeneration® with bioidentical hormones, as well as minimally invasive interventions such as microcannular liposuction. In many cases the latter are able to replace invasive reconstructive interventions with scalpels and general anesthesia.

What do you think? We invite you to share your thoughts on this with us by writing a commentary on this blog entry!

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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Sex and Berlusconi…

During a recent presentation, a very well-known politician in Austria asked me if I would perform the same kind of rejuvenations that Italian prime minister Berlusconi and the entrepreneur Stronach had evidently undergone. Whether Hormonal Regeneration® could make you feel and look like a 30-year old again.

Among other things, Mr. Berlusconi is remarkable because he has 18-year old girlfriends. But in genuine old-fashioned Italian macho style, he does not limit himself to teenagers, but is also a great admirer of beautiful women between the ages of 30 and 50. His numerous affairs have inspired much juicy gossip, and not just in Italy. Countless persons have undoubtly asked themselves how a man over 70 manages to keep it up. After all, libido is usually the first thing to go as the body ages and the endocrine glands grow weaker.

Our sexual vitality and potency are dependent on the performance of our endocrine glands. When this declines, the first signs are a drop in sexual performance, followed by dwindling tissue resiliency and increasing skin and connective tissue atonicity; in short the very signs of aging that make us appear less attractive sexually. But if we supplement the lacking hormones through Hormonal Regeneration®, not only do we soon begin to look younger, but our vitality and potency increase as well. Our appeal to the opposite sex likewise increases noticeably, as not only our appearance but also our body odor regains its sexual appeal due to the hormonal by-products secreted in sweat.

Gonadotropins, DHEA, and testosterone in men and estrogen in women are the sexual pick-me-ups. However, they also interact with other hormones. Hence if optimum results are desired, a radical sexual regeneration demands the administration of numerous other bioidentical hormones. Obviously a proper nutrition rich in high-quality protein is also important.

We can definitely assume that Mr. Berlusconi regenerates himself with Hormonal Regeneration® in order to keep up his physically demanding lifestyle without suffering massive burnout and exhaustion. Hence he is not only able to enjoy the love life of a 30-year old, but is also better able to withstand the constant assaults of public prosecutors who have no sense of humor as well as the divorce war with his wife, who has no tolerance for his escapades.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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Breast augmentation without silicone rather than “soccer ball breasts”

A while back there were detailed reports in the media about ex-soccer player and trainer Lothar Matthäus’ girlfriend’s silicone breast augmentation. Reports on silicone breast augmentations in famous people delude patients into thinking that silicone is the most up-to-date and ideal breast augmentation method, although thanks to state-of-the-art technology and stem cell research findings, silicone implants are no longer necessary in most cases!

Several clinical studies in Japan and the USA have since clearly demonstrated that stem cell-enriched autologous fat is an ideal, durable, and non-hazardous filler material, not only for post-operative breast reconstruction but also for cosmetic breast augmentation!

Augmentations by as much as 1 to 2 cup sizes are possible with breast augmentation with stem cell-enriched autologous fat – without scalpels, ugly scars, and general anesthesia. In stem cell-assisted breast augmentation, autologous fat is gently liposuctioned with microcannulas from the buttocks, belly, or hips, enriched with autologous stem cells, and then injected in the breasts. The punctures from the injections are comparable to those for taking blood and they heal without forming scars. The result is permanent. Stem cell-augmented breasts feel and look totally natural in any position because the augmentation consists of autologous, living cells, and no foreign objects capable of provoking rejections or slipping and bouncing up and down like soccer balls as you move are implanted in your body.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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Amy Winehouse and her “implant rupture”

The media recently reported that vocalist Amy Winehouse suffered a breast implant rupture. A while ago she had had her breasts augmented with implants on a whim, and generated a great deal of media attention. Apparently she required another operation to replace the defective implant! But thanks to breast augmentation with autologous stem cells, “implant ruptures” and the “implant replacements” every few years associated with silicone implants are a thing of the past: Along with a natural appearance, what distinguishes breasts augmented with autologous stem cells is that they are “maintenance free”!

Along with the relatively rare rupture of a silicone implant, there are numerous other, much more common negative effects of artificial breast implants: Many women with silicone implants complain of pain while swimming or showering with cold water for years. So-called capsular fibrosis impairs the visual result and cause problems. With silicone breast augmentation, after a few years the breast stretches because of the implant and begins to sag, making an implant replacement necessary. This usually involves emplacement of larger implants in order to make the breast appear firmer. Many cases ultimately require a surgical breast tightening. Hence many stars in recent years have simply had their implants removed. But how can the volume be restored?

With autologous stem cells! Breast augmentation with stem cell-enriched autologous fat is a prime example of the substitution of minimally invasive surgical interventions under local anesthesia for plastic surgery. In early 2007, we used this revolutionary method in my Clinic DDr. Heinrich® in Vienna for the first time in Europe. In this procedure, autologous fat is first extracted from the patient’s body using microcannular liposuction. Next this fat is enriched with autologous stem cells in a laboratory process and injected into the breast using fine hypodermic needles. Living, autologous tissue develops from the stem cells. Breasts thus augmented look as well as feel completely “genuine” in any position. They age completely naturally with the body.

Because autologous stem cells exert a local rejuvenating effect, another area of application in aesthetic medicine is the scalpel-free facelift, in which stems cell are injected in the face and neck region. The result is a long-lasting, natural and up to 15 years younger looking face. Another important area of application for stem cells looming on the horizon is the treatment of hair loss, which could soon make hair transplants superfluous.

Thanks to aesthetic interventions with stem cells, in many cases silicone, scalpels, and liftings are no longer necessary in breast and facial surgery. I believe that aesthetic medicine already has the means at hand to treat many physical beauty problems successfully, sustainably, and naturally with stem cell-enriched autologous fat.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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Overweight Germans: Study ignores hormones as cause

It may be perfectly right that in the “Nutrition Survey” excess weight is associated with the educational background. However, a major cause has been ignored: Hormonal imbalances. If a person is overweight, in most cases too much or too little of individual hormones is produced. Although the original cause for this imbalance can often be found in one’s heating habits, this imbalance often makes efforts to lose weight by dieting alone little successful.

In men, a lack of hormones – specifically an underproduction of growth hormones – becomes manifest in the typical “love handles” being detrimental to a person’s attractiveness from the age of 40. In women, the lack of progesterone may be the reason why they become more and more voluptuous mainly around their belly and breasts from the age of 40.

Many people find it difficult to lose weight because they produce relatively too much cortisol or too little thyroid hormone. Hormonal imbalances often start with pregnancy, when women find it less difficult to lose weight than before.

After detailed analysis of the hormonal level, a treatment with bioidentical hormones is a possibility to regain the body’s balance and facilitate sustained weight reduction. This must of course be complemented by a customised diet with a reduced intake of carbohydrates, as well as adequate exercise!

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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Sex and the City – Samantha and the Hormones

In the current episode of SATC, Samantha Jones is rejuvenating herself with bioidentical hormones, which she takes at breakfast in the form of many colorful pills or applies as crèmes. “I’m 52, and when you’re 50, I’ll look like I’m 35,” she says to motivate her friends Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte. On a trip to Abu Dhabi, however, her hormone preparations get confiscated by customs as “drugs”, despite her insistence that they are merely “bioidentical and extracted from yams.”

Suddenly deprived of her hormonal fountain of youth, and in spite of the seductive, athletic men at the hotel pool, she soon suffers from no longer having any real desire for sex. And to top things off, when faced with imprisonment for kissing on the beach, she and her friends flee on the next flight back to the USA, “the land of freedom and hormones,” where thanks to melatonin, testosterone, etc., she can truly experience pleasure with her man from Abu Dhabi without any adverse physical or legal consequences.

Starting at around 40 years old, or even younger when under severe work-related stress, a bioidentical hormone regimen is highly recommended, as it can prevent many aging-induced limitations. Unlike in the past when doctors used to prescribe only synthetic sex hormones, which had certain side effects, with Hormonal Regeneration® each deficient hormone is supplemented with bioidentical hormones, thus duplicating the hormone level of a young person. The overworked endocrine glands can thus cut back their own production and recover. The improvement of mental state and increase in performance thus achieved take effect very quickly, within a few weeks. A sustainable result with visible physical rejuvenation, however, requires several months of continuous optimum treatment by a specialist.

At any rate, Samantha would be well-advised to have her next treatment adjustment done in our Clinic DDr. Heinrich® here in Vienna. Then she wouldn’t have to keep taking a whole handful of colorful pills at breakfast: Thanks to my research, there is now a bioidentical hormone combination preparation in which the daily dose of the most important bioidentical hormones are contained in a single capsule: Instant Chi by Clinic DDr. Heinrich®. Samantha would need to take this capsule once a day five times a week. More intensive Hormonal Regeneration® therapies also require routine injections. Moreover, we would give Samantha a doctor’s certificate for customs. Hence the next time she goes away on vacation, she’ll be able to get her hormone preparations through customs, as obviously it is important not to miss any doses when one is on a Hormonal Regeneration® regimen.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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