An alternative to silicone, scalpels, and plastic – the case for a New Aesthetic Surgery

As an aesthetic surgeon and anti-aging doctor in the general practice branch, for some time I have been critical of the repugnantly unnatural results that an unbridled zeal for plastic surgery is leaving behind on an increasing number of increasingly younger patients worldwide!

In some respects aesthetic surgery is in disorder, there’s no doubt about that! The problem, however, lies not with aesthetic surgeons who were not trained as plastic surgeons but still perform aesthetic surgery. Why shouldn’t they do so? After all, general practitioners and doctors in other specialties were key proponents of aesthetic surgery long before there ever was a plastic surgery specialty, which incidentally has only been existence in Austria for 20 years or so. But neither can aesthetic surgery be reserved for plastic surgeons, as it is generally known that they have had no more aesthetic surgery training in their hospital internships than any other doctor. Hence the plastic surgeon, just like the rest of us aesthetic surgeons, had to attend the “training courses” that Prof. Turkof (whom I highly respect) rightfully advocated in the article entitled “The Beauty Battlefield” (Schlachtfeld Schönheit) in Profil 36/08.

To a much greater extent the problem lies in the fact that plastic surgeons tend to favor methods involving operations, as their training focused on reconstructive surgery after tumors and accidents. From a surgical standpoint, however, such methods often entail grandiose performances that are too invasive and stressful for the subtle improvements in appearance and body shape demanded in aesthetic surgery. Hand in hand with unrealistic alteration wishes (take Michael Jackson, for example), the result is a high rate of complications as well as many patients with an overly-tightened, unnatural look.

For the well-being of the patients, what is needed is a New Aesthetic Surgery in which operations are gentle and non-invasive, and wherein scalpels, silicone, and plastic are dispensed with as much as possible! This New Aesthetic Surgery must be entrusted to doctors with extensive medical training and capable of thinking across disciplines; ones who won’t resort to plastic reconstructive operations as a primary means for solving every aesthetic problem caused by stress and hormone deficiencies.

This New Aesthetic Surgery exists already: It is based on minimally invasive aesthetic interventions, autologous stem cells, and bioidentical hormones. It spares women undergoing breast and facial surgery from scalpels, plastic, and silicone, produces natural looking results, and means a substantial improvement in health and quality of life!

Hollywood does indeed set trends in many areas, but even in Hollywood the era of overly tightened doll faces and silicone breasts is coming to an end. Many stars are turning away from plastic surgery and swear by the gentler methods of New Aesthetic Surgery! Hence we can be cautiously optimistic that in the future there will be less bloodshed on the “beauty battlefield”!

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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Why calorie restriction may cause aging

The all too familiar theory that one can live longer through calorie restriction is often touted by the media as the only scientifically-based way to increase one’s lifespan. The main proponent and the one who came up with this theory, Roy Walford, died in 2004 at the age of 79, although he had expected to live well past 100. Due to malnutrition, he looked physically wasted and chronically ill. The same applies to his daughter, who also espouses her father’s theory and as a result looks like a chronically ill 60 year old, even though she is only around 40.

And they’re claiming that such a diet is healthy? Anybody who looks ill isn’t healthy! Among other things, a protein-deficient diet leads to insufficient quantities of hormones being produced. This not only causes the body to age faster, but also to die sooner due to lower resistance.

Many supposedly “natural” cosmetic and functional problems of aging are in fact symptoms of chronic deficiencies of certain hormones. A diet intended to slow down aging must therefore provide the nutrients, calories, and proteins needed for optimum hormone production. Furthermore, there is more and more evidence that intermittent fasting – as practiced in medicinal and religious traditions worldwide – may be advisable.

In New Aesthetic Surgery, we use bioidentical hormones to raise aging-induced low hormone levels back up to their individual optimum values, which frequently leads to a remarkable rejuvenation effect. Hence the widely-held assumption that rejuvenation is still an impossibility is not true – through the balanced use of bioidentical hormones, it can be achieved and experienced today! However, in some cases liposuction with microcannulas can help to get rid of the signs of aging. Aside from rejuvenation of the body, bioidentical hormones are one of the pillars of Weight Loss by DDr. Heinrich.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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Q & A on breast augmentation with stem cell-enriched autologous fat

Q: How long have you been using stem cells for breast augmentation?

A: Since 2006.

Q: What kind of stem cell do you use?

A: Only adult stem cells extracted from the patient’s own fat.

Q: Could you explain how is done?

A: First we harvest fat with microcannulas that do not leave scars from fat deposits on the patient’s body. From the harvested fat we take one portion and isolate stem cells from it using special patented laboratory technology. Then we mix these stem cells with the other portion of fat that has been already specially prepared for injection and implant it with fine cannulas into the breast. The surgery is done completely under local anaesthesia and the patient is then ready to go home.

Q: What kind of results are you obtaining?

A: Excellent, durable results. 90 % long-term satisfaction rate, completely natural augmented breasts that look natural in every position and in movement, exercising, etc.

Q: How long does it take to see the first changes? Can they be seen immediately?

A: The augmentation of the breast can be seen immediately; after the swelling resolves three weeks after the surgery the final result is visible. Minor changes (small increase or small decrease) are possible in the first months.

Q: How many women have been treated using stem cell-enriched autologous fat.

A: Since 2003 worldwide many thousand women have undergone this procedure, especially in Japan.

Q: What are the main indications? Can this method be used for any case or not?

A: We can use it in any indication of cosmetic breast augmentation or breast reconstruction with excellent results instead of silicon. An augmentation of one cup size per surgery is typically achieved. Augmentation bigger than 1.5 or 2 cup sizes in just one procedure are only achieved in women with a little bit flabby breasts (like after breastfeeding and childbirth), because the flexibility allows for more volume of stem cell-enriched fat to be injected than in tighter breasts. Also slim women can be treated successfully. Very slim women who desire very big and unnatural augmentations still need to rely on silicon.

Q: What are the advantages of the technique?

A: A smooth, minimally invasive surgical technique, silicon-free, scar-free, completely natural augmented breasts – the technique is especially recommendable for women who do want a little bit body sculpturing at the same time. The technique also visibly rejuvenates the breasts of women over 40 due to the high content of stem cells in the implanted fat. The technique is also used for facial rejuvenation and – being an important tool of “New Aesthetic Surgery” – for facelift without scalpel as well as rejuvenation of hands, décolleté, etc.

Q: Could you give me the name of other researchers in this area around the world?

A: Dr. Yoshimura of Cellport Clinic would be one of them, Dr. Kamakura of Kyushu Hospital another one. Both work in Tokyo.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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Testosterone hormone therapy for men

Whether men should be given testosterone after a certain age or whether doing so would be considered as malpractice is still a hotly debated issue among medical specialists in Austria. At leading professional conferences in other countries, however, the discussion tends to focus more on “when to start” and what the dose should be when it comes to hormonal regeneration.

It has been a known fact for some time that many cosmetic and health problems related to aging are directly linked to hormone deficiencies and hence should logically be treated with well-thought-out substitution. This also applies to the spectrum of “burnout” disorders in persons over 30 years old, because “burnout” is merely a term describing a condition in which the endocrine glands become overworked and worn out from chronic stress.

The use of bioidentical hormones with molecular structures identical to those of the “real” hormones is important in a well-thought-out hormonal regeneration; as is the balancing of the substituted hormones with all other hormones in the body, as the latter are cybernetically linked with each other. For example, administering only testosterone to men or only estrogen to women can lead to hormonal imbalances, which can cause all kinds of side effects.

Obviously a hormonal regeneration must always take place under a medical specialist’s supervision, in order to ensure that there is no testicular shrinkage!

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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Autologous tissue is safer than silicone and more durable than Macrolane!

In addition to being foreign objects and looking unnatural, silicone implants have several other serious disadvantages: Did you know that women with silicone implants often have pains for years if they go swimming in cool water or take cold showers? Visible scars are unavoidable with implants, and worst of all the breast wears out after a few years from the weight of the implant, requiring breast tightening operations with implant replacement. At the present time no doctor knows what effect the minute amounts of silicone released from the implant over decades may have on the body. Even if there is no proof that it causes cancer or may be toxic, caution is advisable! Autologous tissue is safer than foreign objects!

With Macrolane, hyaluronic acid is injected in nut-sized deposits through small incisions below the breast. This means that new incisions have to be made for each new injection, which obviously leave visible scars. The nut-sized deposits can be felt as hard spots in the breasts, hence Macrolane is not suitable for every breast.

As to the cost of the procedure: With the manufacturer, Qmed, charging doctors € 350 (!) for 10 ml of Macrolane, it is easy to calculate that the price for a standard augmentation of 200 ml per side would be ca. € 14,000, plus surgeon’s fees, anesthesiologist’s fees, operating room fees, etc. Who wants to pay that much every 2 years?

The New Aesthetic Surgery, which I advocate and for which patients come to me in Vienna from all over the world, even Beverly Hills, spares women undergoing breast and facial procedures from scalpels, plastic, and silicone and means a considerable improvement of health and quality of life!

No medical procedure is entirely risk-free, but any women can intuitively see that there is more potential danger from a foreign object than from autologous tissue.

Gentle breast augmentation with stem cell-enriched autologous fat is an alternative to silicone and hyaluronic acid: Clinical studies from Japan and the USA have since shown that stem cell-enriched autologous fat is an ideal, durable, and safe filler material not only for breast reconstruction, for exmple after cancer operations, but also for cosmetic breast augmentation!

Among the several thousand patients worldwide treated thus far, not a single case of “tissue proliferation” or “non-healing” has been documented, as is sometimes postulated without study results to back it up. It sounds suspicious that these “risks” are merely defensive statements on the part of those plastic surgeons who know nothing of the stem cell method and see it as a threat to their “quick incision” (operation time for silicone implants: 15 minutes) business.

This procedure is very time consuming and hence does not allow the surgeon a “quick incision”. Nevertheless, it produces the best possible results for the patient – the autologous stem cell-augmented breasts look and feel completely natural in any position and in movement because living fat tissue develops from the injected stem cells. This method leaves no visible scars.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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Silicone “careers” and the consequences

I was recently consulted by a patient whose breasts were worn and stretched out of shape after several implants, and she was suffering as a result. As by their very nature the implants covered very few soft parts and their weight had caused her breasts to stretch more and more, increasingly larger implants were needed after the initial implants, which made the thinning and stretching problem worse.

This is a constantly recurring problem with silicone implants. Just a few days ago the director of a German clinic contacted me regarding a similar case. He asked me whether stem cell-enriched autologous fat transfer could help here.

Implants are obviously always palpable, in most cases also visible, and they stretch the breast tissue; it is necessary to explain to every patient that after a few years implants need to be replaced for the sake of appearance because of stretching of the breast tissue, and that follow-up operations must therefore be reckoned with. This means that if one doesn’t want oversized, soccer ball-like breasts, they must be tightened by reduction surgery in order to make them (restore them to) a reasonable size.

I believe that after surgical tightening there are two options for achieving a better appearance:

Breast augmentation using only stem cell-enriched autologous fat. Obviously the augmentation won’t be as impressive, but it will look a lot more natural. This would be the way to go if the patient is generally unhappy with her implants and wants to get rid of them at all costs.

Inserting new implants and attempting to fill out/round out the edges of the implants as well as the subcutaneous tissue in the breast/chest region with stem cell-enriched autologous fat. The augmentation by the implant is maintained without having to displace as much volume.

Because the only way to solve the problem of further tissue stretching by the implant is to refrain from more implants, I prefer the first option, even though the augmentation is less striking than with silicone. However, the breasts stay in shape and the patient can enjoy them for years to come without having to plan on expensive follow-up operations that are fraught with complications.

Shouldn’t silicone implants be dispensed with altogether? That is precisely the question.

DDr. Heinrich, MD


The doctor’s experience also counts when it comes to breast augmentation with stem cells

I get a lot of e-mails from interested women around the world with questions on the subject of breast augmentation with stem cells. This method has since become established as a pillar of New Aesthetic Surgery and spares many patients from silicone and plastic surgery. Today I received a letter from an interested English lady, in which she wrote that she had a consultation in a clinic that offered CAL (Cell-Assisted Lipotransfer) for breast augmentation. The doctors at that clinic told her that although they recently started offering CAL (= the stem cell method), they would not recommend it because they weren’t that satisfied with the results.

In most cases such statements come from plastic surgeons who prefer silicone implants and do not like to admit that they are not familiar with breast augmentation with stem cell-enriched autologous fat. Again and again patients are referred to me by foreign clinics, where they also use the stem cell method, but still do not have as much experience with it as we do here in Vienna. Because doctors know that I have operated on more patients in Europe with this method than anyone else, they are always advising patients to fly to Vienna to see me.

Many details are critical to success with this method – including, for example, obtaining fat the right way: Standard liposuction with regular cannulas only works with patients who are well-endowed with fat pads. For more slender patients, it is necessary to resort to narrower diameter microcannulas for obtaining fat, as it is not possible to obtain enough fat using regular cannulas without leaving unsightly dents. Liposuction with microcannulas is the only way to obtain enough fat in a minimally invasive manner, also in regions that would be prohibitive for liposuction with regular cannulas.

A critical factor for success with the stem cell method is the doctor having sufficient interdisciplinary training in order to truly understand the process and ramifications of stem cell isolation and stem cell implantation. Purely surgical training focuses on manual reconstructive-operating skills with the scalpel. There is no place for training in the area of liposuction, autologous fat transplantation, or even stem cell technology and tissue engineering.

Only the training as a general practitioner (specializing in aesthetic surgery, anti-aging, and stem cell medicine) guarantees you that your doctor is up-to-date technologically and will not automatically resort to the scalpel and silicone, in spite of the fact that better, more modern, and less invasive methods have been around for some time!

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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Instant Chi® – Anti-aging and burnout protection in a box?

As every reader of my blog knows, I have been working for a long time with Hormonal Regeneration® and hence I know how effective an individualized holistic treatment with bioidentical hormones can be in most cases. The effect of this individualized therapy, in which the levels of all hormones are raised to the optimum values of young adults, is superb! In many cases plastic surgery and aesthetic operations such as facelifts and eyelid correction can be avoided, and when combined with microcannular liposuction, it quite often eases the otherwise difficult process of weight loss!

As an important component of New Aesthetic Surgery, Hormonal Regeneration® indeed visibly, tangibly, and sustainably rejuvenates. However, it also requires numerous administrations of hormones in the form of capsules, creams, shots, and powders. Furthermore, it is a rather elaborate and also expensive process, which is why it is not an option as a long-term therapy for the vast majority of patients at the present time.

In my mind anyway, a practical solution would be a biodentical hormone therapy, which would cost less and could be administered in the form of a single pill! My research resulted in just such a compact, inexpensive, low-dose therapy with bioidentical hormones: it is produced in a few variants that are suitable for most patients. To put it another way, anti-aging in a box! I came up with the name Instant Chi for this therapy!

Instant Chi is taken in the form of a capsule a day, generally in the morning. Instant Chi contains bioidentical hormones in perfect balance, and when taken regularly it regenerates and strengthens the body! Obviously the regenerative action of Instant Chi is neither as intensive nor as all-encompassing as an individualized Hormonal Regeneration®, but it does work so well that anybody can notice the difference in themselves in terms of resiliency, stress tolerance, and good health after taking it for just a few weeks! Furthermore, the success with Instant Chi motivates many of my patients to take the next step and invest more in a complete Hormonal Regeneration® rest cure!

In the meantime, Instant Chi provides these patients with relief from “burnout” – namely the consequences of chronic overtaxation of the endocrine glands from stress and an unnatural lifestyle! Many patients delight in telling me how much more radiant and vital they look after taking Instant Chi even for just a short while!

Enough talk – I invite you to try Instant Chi for a few weeks and see for yourself! You too will be convinced after you try it!

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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Quality of the consultation with cosmetic surgeons

A consumer test on “Consultation with Cosmetic Surgeons” met once again with a response from the media. Although we were not part of this test, here are a few of my thoughts:

Amongst other things in the test, long waiting times for patients in the waiting rooms of various cosmetic surgeons were criticized. Waiting times are annoying, as everyone knows. They cannot be avoided completely, however, especially if the aesthetic surgeon is in great demand and tries to take a real interest in his patients. How long this takes depends on each individual case and cannot be calculated in advance.

For this reason, in addition to the normal appointments in my Clinic DDr. Heinrich® we also offer VIP appointments at a higher price where there is no waiting time, and if wished these can also be outside of normal clinic hours.

In addition to this, the test brings up the old myth again that there is a special section in surgery that trains aesthetic surgeons. This representation is incorrect; numerous doctors who are general practitioners, dermatologists, gynaecologists, ENT specialists or have other specialised fields prove the opposite and are successful aesthetic surgeons.

There is of course no such thing as a “Board certified Cosmetic Surgeon”. The medical training in all specialist fields has the treatment of disease or physical ailments as its goal. Doctors of all specialist fields gain special knowledge of aesthetic surgery only within the framework of voluntary additional training. Here the original specialist field of the doctor is not the important thing, but the talents and focus on the techniques used.

In addition to this, aesthetic surgery is undergoing a change at the moment. Instead of treatments with scalpel and silicone under general anaesthetic, gentle and careful out-patient treatment is being done, such as liposuction with microcannulas or breast augmentation with stem cell-enriched body fat. The repertoire of the methods of this New Aesthetic Surgery come from various sectors of medical knowledge. Doctors who have undergone an interdisciplinary basic training and in addition to surgery have learnt to think also in terms of internal medicine will feel more at home here.

If you are interested in having aesthetic surgery, I advise you for this reason to check whether the aesthetic surgeon is a general practitioner with additional training in the field of aesthetic surgery and anti-aging medicine – in this case the results of your operation will probably be better without scalpel and silicone!

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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Clooney on the run from silicone breasts

Even if you feel sorry for Mr. Clooney’s girlfriend – both as a man and an aesthetic surgeon I can understand him. There is hardly anything less erotic than bulging silicone breasts! It is therefore indeed time for patients all over the world – as could be read recently in Profil – to have the excesses of an exaggerated and no longer up-to-date aesthetic surgery put right! Unnatural-looking silicone breasts, lifted, over-tightened doll faces – from the point of view of doctors this could all soon be a thing of the past. An interdisciplinary beauty and rejuvenatory medical treatment, the New Aesthetic Surgery is currently being developed from the scalpel and tightening aesthetic surgery, where silicone, tightening and scalpels will be unnecessary in most cases!

Instead of liberal cuts with the scalpel, the New Aesthetic Surgery uses minimally invasive, gentle aesthetic operations under local anaesthetic; instead of silicone, stem cells won through microcannulation from the body’s own fat tissue, whereby, for example, permanent, natural-looking, silicone-free breast augmentation has long been possible as well as bioidentical hormones and growth factors!

If Mr. Clooney’s girlfriend had decided on a modest and completely natural-looking breast augmentation with stem cell enriched body fat, he is certain to have stayed with her. He would probably have asked himself why her breasts were larger and fuller without assuming that medical skills had lent a helping hand.

DDr. Heinrich, MD

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